Eighteen Fools

ElyaThe Edits are complete, now it is time to send the story into the world. This book was a blast to write, taking a Point of View from a dragon, allowed me the opportunity to do some light-hearted writing.

I am not sure what the next step will be for Frackus or Elya, but its been a fun trip so far.

‘Back Cover’ Summary:

Elya dreams of escaping her life of forced servitude to Duke Cannith Hawthorne of Arborwick. Sacrificed by her village over a decade prior, she has grown-up beside her tormentor. Now as she reaches adulthood, she discovers she’s carrying Cannith’s child. If she can’t execute her plan soon, she’ll be trapped with Cannith for all eternity.

Frackus believes he’s the last dragon. All the pressure of being the sole representative of a species weighs down on him. Frackus is forced to flee his cave and head to Arborwick. With winter approaching he has to gather enough food to hibernate away long enough for dragon kind to reach another spring.