Born in Ohio, now residing in North Carolina, I spend my time writing fiction, watching and cheering lacrosse, and most importantly trying to be a guide to my son.

I am trying to write a compelling story.  My current writings are Thrillers, with some Christian themed characters, Fantasy with Dragons (who does not love writing dragons), plus a bit of horror and comedy mixed in all.  I prefer the settings that inspired various aspects of the story.  For Fatal Introductions , Northeast Ohio (Mostly Barberton and Akron areas) is where the fictional story would take place.  For Eighteen Fools, (a young adult Fantasy still in revision) I used the countryside in England as inspiration for Arborwick.

Most these stories have been brewing in my mind since I was a teenager.  Many, sadly possibly too many years later, they have been tempered and developed.  The characters have not aged but I hope they have developed the depth where they are relatable, except maybe the demons.

All good stories teach a lesson without becoming too preachy, Fatal Introductions, and the entire series want to portray that we all have Free Will, and we can choose whether or not to be the hero or villain of others in our lives.  There are other forces at play but we can control our own choices, and in a way have some control over the consequences.

Always looking for relevant input.  If you have any thoughts on my projects don’t be afraid to share them.


The Photographs for this site have been provided mostly from Rick Rupert (rupertrick@gmail.com) if you are looking to add photos of Northeast Ohio, he is your man.