Born and raised in Ohio, I now call southwest Virginia home. The small close knit towns and rolling hills are the perfect place to write.  After nine years in the U.S. Army I have come to enjoy how every new place has its own charm and wonder.

My writings don’t stay in a genre for too long, I stick to writing fiction some of these stories date back to when I was a young kid living in Barberton Ohio.  Others such as the one currently in the queryverse*, were thought up while on duty in the army.  Cleaning weapons gives a lot of time for the mind to wander.

*For those not in the writing community, the queryverse is a place much like purgatory, where writers send their work for agents and editors to determine the fate.

Some of he Photographs for this site have been provided by from Rick Rupert (rupertrick@gmail.com) if you are looking for photos of Northeast Ohio, he is your man. We also have a few from Brad Deel He has a fascinating photographer here in SWVA.