I a sorry for not posting in a few weeks.  I am currently in a major revision of the next book in the Series.  When I get caught up I will begin posting short stories.  For now I will post the pre revision Prologue for the WIP.  Heather Cashman has been very patiently collaborating the project with me.  Those in search of a Freelance Editor, I urge you to consider her.

Also looking for input for the series name.  Right now I am leaning toward Ink of Fate, But open to any input.


I grabbed the quill pen and began my purgatory as one of the lost souls sentenced to record the choices of others.  I am not here to judge, just record, and learn.  When I walked the test known as Earth I was not the protagonist or antagonist, I was only concerned with myself.  Selfishness was not a sin but my life did not affect others.  My fate could not be determined whether I had earned eternal happiness or eternal torment. 

I was forgettable. I am gone and no one missed me.

Now I join the other forgettable souls recording those in the test for their own judgment.  I have no ability to change minds or hearts, I do not have the ability of action other than writing, I can only record.  It is in a way a personal Hell, but I know what true Hell is, and am glad I was borderline instead of damned.

I can see thoughts, I can witness actions, and know the motivation behind each decision.  I want to scream out warn others, but I can only record.  We all have the ability to be the sinner, saint, hero, or villain in life.  Do not use Free Will to be an observer.

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