Fatal Introductions Chapter 4 Part 2

Yancey stood in the doorway of his son’s room.  The boy was still so young; he would never be able to understand why his father had to kill.   Yancey had come to terms with the urges and drive long ago.  He did not understand them but he knew there was no fighting them.  The father wondered if the young boy asleep would have a better life than the one he was living.  How many choices would he have to face?  Yancey wanted a better life for his only child.

The blood-stained gloves were pulled off one by one as quietly as he could.  He did not want to lose anytime with the kid, even though, he could only watch him in his sleep at times.  During the day, he would have work or his son would have school, limiting time together.  The forces in his head would activate more at night than during the day, pulling more time away.  Yancey knew ultimately, the time would be gone forever.

Yancey knew eventually the walls of the law would confine him away to await his own death.  He knew the punishment would await him the moment he slid a blade into flesh for the first time.  He had repeated the action more times and had grown cold to it.  Yancey no longer shed a tear for his victim.  He oddly still respected life but could not find the peace he craved without putting others’ blood on his hands.  It was a sad trade off, inner peace for another’s life.  It was a trade off Yancey felt he had to make.

Down the hall, a speechless wife and mother of his child, watched in dismay.  The wife did not know what she could do.  She did not know how to help the man she loved.  Yancey was still home every night. She knew she was safe.  Yancey’s better-half wished she could be assured about others.  The blood stains from his clothes would eventually put a stain on their family name.  She wished she could delay that outcome.  No part of the wife thought of sacrificing him to the law.  No doubt it would have been the right thing to do but the man was her husband.

The amount of cold cases in the system gave them both a glimmer of hope.  There was always a chance to get away with the crime against society’s laws.  Every other aspect of the couple’s life was within those laws.  They never stole.  Neither even dared to speed on the road when driving.  They had a deep respect for the law.  They had a deeper respect for their faith and family.

‘Thou shall not kill’, haunted Yancey.  He prayed that one way or another the murders would end.  He had faith the family would be able to end its suffering.  The silence about a mortal sin haunted them both.  The chances they might be able to slip by on human judgment.  They believed they would not be able to escape the eternal judgment.  The couple just begged the young boy would be able to be spared the same eternal judgment.

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