Fatal Introductions Chapter 3 Part 2

The report made sense to Nathanial; unfortunately, it did not prove the answer he had wanted.  He wanted the numbers to say how the company had no choice but to choose moving operations to Asia.  Communists were adapting some capitalism to gain in the economic world.  Nathanial had tried to convince Mr. Stanley.  They had to take advantage of the situation before the country realized the value of labor.  The numbers, however, were not portraying what Nathanial had wanted them to say.  He had noticed that they were presenting a larger profit than the current set up.  The problem was the initial investment in moving would take a bit longer to make up, even with the increased profit. 

Nathanial had earned the trust of Mr. Stanley.  The trust did not mean he could circumvent the core of Mr. Stanley’s beliefs.  The head of the company viewed it as a family.  He felt he was a patriarch of every single one of his employees.  He knew sometimes cuts had to be made but never to the point that Nathanial was suggesting. Nathanial knew it pained the old man to even consider moving the company. Sometimes the pain created a benefit to Nathanial.  The time was now to take advantage of it before the company was passed to a board designated replacement for the first time.  Mr. Stanley failed to leave an heir to his kingdom.  The stress of keeping a domestic product viable in a global economy was wearing on him.

Nathanial relieved some of the stress the bottom line was suffering from when he moved up the ladder.  The young prodigy also took away some of the stress that had seemed to pile on the old man just before Nathanial’s rise.  Now, the younger man had to find a way to break down the information he was reading for Mr. Stanley to agree.  Nathanial knew the move would sting, but would keep their tires on the road.  The individual employees were to blame in Nathanial’s mind.  Negotiations like the one yesterday had driven up the total cost of labor.  It was only Nathanial who had done anything to make a stand against them.  He alone had fought the greed of the union.  Denise oversaw personnel. She was more an open door to their demands instead of a gatekeeper.  He truly did not blame Gordon for gaining the advantages that he had.  Greed sometimes needs an opportunity.  Gordon was able to seize that opportunity, it actually impressed Nathanial that he did.. 

The report would have to be presented a bit differently.  Some information would have to be hidden so Mr. Stanley felt obliged to see the value of the move.  Denise Mitchell would argue against it, maybe, if he would make it sound like she was part of the group trying to siege control of the company before his demise, the old man would open his mind to the thought.  He had to make the numbers appear to be his way or complete failure of the company.  The death of the company would be the only threat that would change the old man’s mind.

Nathanial had a way of convincing people with half-truths.  Sometimes, being in sales made upper echelon of the corporate structure easy.  Nathanial knew the difference between a good idea and a bad Idea was how it was presented.  He also knew if he had the board members sold on the idea, the head man would have a difficult time turning down his proposal.  Sometimes, the leverage needed is just peer pressure.  Nathanial had found a way to gain that influence over the others.  It was not a difficult task when you know their secrets.  Secrets were the way Nathanial had earned the route up the ladder.

He gathered up the report and prepared to enter the old man’s office.  Mr. Stanley did not like to process the information over a computer.  The paper let him put his hands on it, and in his way, to focus on what he needed to find.  Nathanial liked the fact he did not have to send electronic files to the boss.  The paper copies were easier to change and just as easy to manipulate the data.  Nathanial wanted to take over this company one day. He desperately wanted a company worth taking over left for him.

“You need to take a look at this.”  Nathanial stormed in half excited for the opportunity to prove he was going to move the company forward.  “We have a possible opportunity to move our operations to where we can reduce our overhead.”

“I thought we were going to go with working with the union first.  I thought we were going to see what they could offer us.”  Mr. Stanley wanted to be a smart businessman. He was also aware of the purpose of his company in the community.  “I love this city and would hate to be the one that invited the demons that unemployment causes.  I am not naïve to think that we alone hold the city together. I also know we have a responsibility to our employees.”

“While I appreciate your passion sir, I do not think you truly understand how our environment has changed. If we do not change our philosophy, we will sink.  It is not just about sales anymore.”  Nathanial was aggressive in his defense.  Slamming the papers onto the owner’s desk, Nathanial pushed the emphasis.  “If you look at these,” A straight finger highlighted the point of his argument. “You will see where while it will hurt at first, the move will assure we keep our brand afloat.  We will also be in a position to advance and possibly take the lead.”

“We gave our word.”  Mr. Stanley rebutted.

“Things change, if we do not seize this opportunity we have just opened the door for our own death.  Stanley Tires will be no more!  It would have happened on your watch.  Could you live with that in exchange for keeping your word?”  Nathanial knew he had opened the discussion into an argument.  There was no point in making the old man dig in too deep.  “Look it is simple. These men are already out of work either now where we can make a difference or try to make it right or later when the company is dead and we can do nothing to help.”

“It cannot be that simple.”  Mr. Stanley was pained in the revelation.  “It is a bad time for the economy, but we will recover.”

“I keep saying this in hopes you see it.  Businesses are boats in the ocean.  We either ride the waves or we get destroyed by them.”  Nathanial was working a drastic sales pitch. 

“Bring in Denise.”  Nathanial could see the call to her was Mr. Stanley’s way of giving in or at least taking the first step towards it.  “We need to see what we can do to help these people move on with their lives, before I make a decision.”

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