Fatal Introductions Chapter 2 Part 2

Clemmons was perplexed as he had come across the body with the trademark Bible next to it.  He did not know what message the killer was sending the world other than he or she was a religious extremist.  Clemmons loved church but felt it had a place. Religion was meant to inspire people and get them through hard times.  He felt it was not meant to be a topic of a murder scene. The Bible was definitely against murder.  The police sergeant’s mother made sure he had studied that book enough to know a lot of the rules.

Clemmons had a deceptive frame.  He was either incredibly muscular or out of shape.  The area he had cordoned off and was watching over until the detectives arrived.  When Clemmons marked off a crime scene, it stayed in the same shape he found it.  Sometimes that was a difficult task, especially when he knew the crime scene would point to a childhood friend.  He grew up in a rough neighborhood where the police were more a hindrance. Clemmons knew sometimes opportunity was the only thing preventing someone from becoming a criminal.  He was also keenly aware of what it is like to feel the lack of any other opportunity, pushing someone into the life of crime.  Clemmons felt there was another motivation.

The focus of his flashlight caught a familiar scrap of paper. The evidence gave credence to his earlier theory. The murder had to take place moments before he arrived. The killer had not been able to prep it like he had done in previous crime scenes.  Clemmons had a theory that every crime scene was an elaborate work of art choreographed by the killer. Even the present scene seemed to be lacking the chaos one would expect from a harsh death.  The kill was clean and did not seem to torture the victim.  There was always blood, but it was not a mess that Clemmons had the misfortune of seeing at other murder sites.

Clemmons wondered who the well-dressed man was before he became the next victim.  The blue suit did not go well with the blood that had escaped the pierced neck wound.  The victim was dressed as someone who had spent many days working a sales job.  He had the same disgust for all the types of hustlers in the city.  They fed off other’s misery or naivety, people used to come into his neighborhood all the time to prove this.   He had no doubt there were some good people doing those jobs, first appearance made the veteran officer doubt the victim was one of them.

Confirming Clemmons’s suspicions the bible was open to 2 Corinthians.  For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.

The location was not typical murder scene.  Clemmons wondered if this was the first death of unnatural causes to ever grace the park.  The location was mostly where the elder members of the area felt safe to get out and enjoy the outdoors.  It worried Clemmons that the havens of assumed safety were being tainted with the murder in front of him.

Something was not right about the current scene.  It was not the original murder location!  The victim’s phone was sitting beside his hand.  Dirt traced a path where the body had been drug from out of sight.  The officer noticed the expensive shoes were not strong enough to withstand the dirt from being trapped in the groves or newly opened cracks in their leather.  The victim was average size but the track of his body appeared to be a smooth single movement.  Clemmons assumed the killer was a strong individual to move that amount of dead weight up a small incline where it currently resided.

Clemmons started to notice a few things in the area which he assumed were former belongings of the victim.  A fast food bag sat on a bench with a wax covered paper cup on the ground next to it.  The beverage had stopped sweating through the cup, letting Clemmons know it had been present for some time.  Clemmons had to assume that the crime took place around the lunch hour.  If the victim was truly into financial sales, it would make sense to be in a place he could find potential clients.

There was a part of Clemmons that wanted to dismiss this victim.  He profited from costing others. It was someone like this guy that had stolen his mother’s savings under the guise of a retirement fund.    The briefcase next to the half-eaten, completely cold food that was assumed his lunch, must have held a list of names that he had spoken with and targeted.

The officer knew he was not the judge nor was he the investigator.  He was law enforcement.   Clemmons never thought the term ‘to protect and serve’ was just a slogan to justify the budget of the police force.  He believed in those words.  The ‘serve’ portion meant to enforce the law to everyone equally.  He felt that meant everyone was served by the police forces.  The idealism of it may be mocked around others, but Clemmons knew if it was his credo than he would never suffer guilt for performing his duties.

The veteran officer leaned down to the victim.  Speaking low and calm Clemmons reassured the man.  “We will find out who did this to you.  I just wish I knew why they did this to you.”

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